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"Dreaming of a safer and more educated world at sea!"

FNVA was formed back in 1999 by its founding Director, the retired Portuguese Navy Commander (NATO rank code: OF-5), Captain Jorge Manuel Vieira Amandio.

Our mission and goals were set at the highest levels with the intent to upgrad standard navigation levels at sea in recreational navigation, raising safety and awareness amoung a class that was rulled solely by common sense till those days.

FNVA is a credited Nautical School licensed by IMP (“Instituto Maritimo Portuário”) in Portugal for the management and administration of Recreational Maritime courses and Licenses.

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Our courses

The courses are available to whoever wish to take them and fulfill their enrolment specifications.

Ensuring that all the necessary minimum requirements are met, FNVA is responsible for running and managing the following courses:

Basic Skipper

Minimum age:
14 - 16 6 mt / 130 hp
> 16 9 mt / 260 hp

Course structure:
10 hours theory – 5 hours pratical

Yachts for daysailing only and limited to not more than 6 miles from the coast and 12 miles from a safe harbour

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Coastal Skipper

Minimum age:
30 days after Basic Skipper
> 18

Course structure:
30 hours theory – 10 hours pratical

Any yacht for navigation limited to 25 miles from the coast

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Ocean Skipper

Minimum age:
30 days after Coastal Skipper
> 18

Course structure:
40 hours theory – 10 hours pratical

Any yacht for navigation without any limited area

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Vieira Amandio


“In the end, our dream is to transmit good practical and theoretical knowledge capable of giving the trainee a way to master his abilities at sea, ensuring not only his safety, but the safety of everyone else present with him or present in that big “field of passions” we call by the name of sea/ocean”

Our school

Theoretical and practical training.

As in such, FNVA has all the necessary national, European and World Wide accreditation and professional qualification to settle, supervise, manage and administer Recreational Maritime Licensure courses and form qualified recreational maritime professionals.
It is responsible for administering and overseeing all the academic components (tecnical and theoretical) required by the different courses, ensuring that the skills and knowledge provided during those courses meet International standards, and is satisfactorily acquired and attained by each student.
FNVA is a homewide lider in navigation and recreational maritime education.
It is the number 1 school in the country, currently responsible for the highest number of trainees, averaging one thounsand students per year mainly from Portugal and Europe (Spain, France, Germany, UK, etc) but also from abroad (Angola, Brasil, etc). It carries an approval rate of 80% which means that from all the students we teach and form, only 20% in the end fail to acquire the minimum knoweledge and pass the final practical and theoretical exam.
It is accountable for conducting different course levels, providing up to three standards of expertize in the field of Recreational Maritime Navigation.
In the end, FNVA is responsible for making sure that all needs are in order to ensure that the activity of Recreational Maritime teaching is properly, professionaly and safely done and its practitioners duly accredited.

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